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A Critical Survey of Islamization of Knowledge (Second Edition)

Mohamed Aslam Haneef
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Author: Mohamed Aslam Haneef

ISBN: 978-967-5272-00-4


A useful guide for those interested on Islamization of Knowledge.”

Emeritus Prof. Dr. Osman Bakar, Deputy Chief Executive Office, International Institute of Islamic Advanced Studies.


Professor Aslam has come up with a greatly-needed review of the “Islamization of Knowledge” endeavour in his book. It is a very thoughtful survey, analysis and assessment of the much-misunderstood Islamic intellectual project.”

Prof. Dr. Mohd. Kamal Hassan, former Rector of the International Islamic University Malaysia.


This book surveys Islamization of Knowledge (IOK), a project representing a Muslim intellectual response to modernity. The IOK agenda is now about 40 years old and has left a permanent imprint in modern Muslim discourse: there are institutions dedicated to its cause in the Muslim world, intellectual journals promoting its agenda and scholarly attempts to build contemporary bodies of knowledge based on its agenda. Proponents of IOK see the root cause and solution to problems facing the ummah today as one of knowledge and education. This study attempts a comprehensive review of IOK, discussing the views of its main proponents as well as of its critics. It covers issues of definitions, rationale and tries to tease out differences of opinions in the IOK process itself. This 2nd, expanded edition also includes a section that presents a brief case study of the IOK agenda as applied to economics, one of the earliest disciplines to receive the attention of contemporary Muslim scholars. The book is primarily targeted to young researchers and scholars wanting to understand the IOK agenda, with the intention to develop contemporary bodies of knowledge from Islamic perspectives. However, it is also accessible to professionals interested to get a general introduction to one very important attempt by Muslim scholars to face the challenges of the Muslim ummah.

Mohamed Aslam Haneef is currently Professor at the Department of Economics, International Islamic University Malaysia. He has authored books and scholarly articles in the area of Islamic economics, Islam and Development and the economies of the Muslim world. He has also held Visiting Fellowships at the Centre for Muslim Christian Understanding, Georgetown University, USA and the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, UK.



Chapter 1

 Islamization of Knowledge: Survey and Selected Issues

- Section 1: Introduction

- Section 2: Scope, Outline and Significance

- Section 3: Sources and Categories of Writings

             1.Sources and Categories of Writings

             2. Elobaration/Discussion of IOK

             3. Intellectual Biographical Works

             4.Comparative Studies/Reviews

             5.Works with Methodology Focus

             6.Specific Discipline Applications      

Section 4: The Rationale for IOK - The 'Why'
Section 5: The Meaning of IOK - The 'What'
Section 6: What Does IOK Involve - The 'How'

Section 7: Reviewers and Critiques

            1. Critique of IOK - 'Opponents'

            2. Critique of Aspects of IOK

            3. Comparative of Studies

Section 8: Developing Contemporary Islamic Economics- A Case Study of IOK

            1. Islamization of Economics

            2. Contemporary Islamic Economics in Practice vis-a-vis Islamization of Knowledge/Economic Banking and Finance

            3. Contemporary Islamic Economics in the 21st Century: The Way Forward

Section 9: Future Direction and Concluding Remarks


List of Appendices

Chapter 2

Islamization of Knowledge: The Why, What and How

            A. WHY - Rationale for Islamization of Knowledge

            B. WHAT - Definition of Islamization of Knowledge

            C. HOW - Process involved in Islamization of Knowledge

Chapter 3

 Abstract of All MAin References

Chapter 4

Selected Bibliography on Islamization of Knowledge

1. Islamization of Knowledge - General

          1. 1 Articles

           1.2 Books/Chapter in Book

           1.3 Conference/ Unpublished Paper

           1.4 Magazine

2. Islamization of Economics

            2.1 Articles

            2.2 Books/Chapter in Book

            2.3 Conference/ Unpublished Paper

3. Other Social Sciences

            3.1 Articles

            3.2 Books/Chapter in Book

4. Islamization Case Study

            4.1 Articles

            4.2 Books/Chapter in Book

            4.3 Conference/ Unpublished Paper

5. Comparison, Critique, Review

            5.1 Articles

            5.2 Conference/ Unpublished Paper


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A Critical Survey of Islamization of Knowledge (Second Edition)



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Review by The Muslim World Book Review, 31:1, 2010
This is basically an annotated bibliography of the literature on the Islamization of Knowledge project launched in the 1970s by Ismail Raji al-Faruqi. The compiler has done a good job in providing first an overview of this ambitious project by way of spelling out the "what", "why" and "how" of this project. He has done this with pointed reference to the sources and major writings on the project. More interesting is the section recounting its extensive critique by some "opponents". (pp.42-44) The Islamization of economics, in particular, and of knowledge, in general, are examined at some length (pp.49-90 and pp.91-146 respectively). One notable omission is the coverage of language literature and linguistics as part of the IOK project, carried out by Faruqi and Syed Muhammad Sayeed. In sum, This is a useful work for obtaining a clear idea of the main contours of an important and ambitious Islamic scholarly enterprise of our times.

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