Picture of The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and urbanization of Madinah

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and urbanization of Madinah

Spahic Omer
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First edition, 2005
Second re-print, 2009
Third reprint, 2013
This book identifies and examines some priciples of Islamic urban planning and development which the Prophet (pbuh) under the aegis of revelation bequeathed to the subsequent Muslim generations. Central to teh book are some vitel city planning and development issues as advanced by the Islamic perceptions of life, truth, the world, man, space and time, and which the young Muslim mind was then intensively acquainting itself with. The issues discussed are: the philosophy of the Islamic city, the mosque institution; provision of communal facilities and services for all; the relationship between spirituality and development; peaceful co-existance with the environment; housing; the marketplace; and open spaces. By exploring these subjects, the strength and soundness of the fundamental of the first Muslim community clearly come into sight, as does the visionary disposition of the Prophet (pbuh) to development, leadership, sustainability and management.
ISBN 978-983-2957-27-3
294 pages
Chapter 1 - Some observations on the phenomenon of the Islamic City (Madinah).
Chapter 2 - The Mosque institution as a community development centre.
Chapter 3 - Nurturing exemplary community members.
Chapter 4 - Peaceful coexistence with the environment.
Chapter 5 - The Prophet (p.b.u.h) and housing.
Chapter 6 - The significance and role of the Madinah market.
Chapter 7 - The functions of some open spaces in Madinah.

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